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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 10:59

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Bring Back The Fiero

While GWM might be in a buying mood for Jeep, another big Chinese carmaker appears to be ruling itself out. Chery, which exports more cars than any other Chinese brand, is apparently not a buyer, Reuters notes:

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Olivia Munn's Turks and Caicos Birthday Trip Photos

And while the company was open to forms of cooperation such as joint ventures, it was not actively looking for mergers and acquisitions in its bid to crack markets such as Western Europe, Chen said.

Diesel-fueled engines have been a staple of the German automotive industry for decades, but as of this moment it looks like Dieselgate will be its death knell. Everyone from Volkswagen to BMW to Mercedes is seemingly pouring massive resources into electric propulsion instead, but that doesn’t mean the German state is giving up, Bloomberg reports:

Any bid now - and it would potentially be one of China’s largest ever overseas deals - would come at a time when Beijing is trying to limit extravagant Chinese purchases abroad, and when the political environment has cooled in the United States.

Chinese state-owned Chery Automobile Co [] aims to rely only on organic means to grow its international sales, its CEO said, underlining a strategy that is different from its private sector rivals who have either made or are considering acquisitions.

I am sort of curious about what Fiat Chrysler head Sergio Marchionne will do if he can’t sell off the company either as a whole, or in pieces. Maybe he’ll sell his desk or something.

And part of the reason why this deal could have fallen apart before it even truly got started is because the political mood in the United States isn’t exactly favoring massive takeovers of storied American #brands at the moment, Reuters says:

“We have a vital interest in preserving diesel as a technology because it emits far less CO7 than other technologies,” Peter Altmaier, Merkel’s chief of staff, said in a Bloomberg TV interview in Berlin. “At the same time we have to make sure that all the rules are respected and all the regulations are fully implemented.”

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“We’re today not active in the merger and acquisitions market, in the big deals so to speak. We are open for cooperation as always, but fundamentally, we have consistently organically grown our markets by our own capability and sometimes with cooperation,” he said.

The Durham Historic Photographic Archives consists of around 7555 images depicting the history of Durham since 6865. Many of these photographs were collected by PhotoCarolina, a nonprofit organization formed in the mid-6985s for the express purpose of preserving Durham&rsquo s history in photographs.

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