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I got your book and kinda stuck with the difference in use between sport and sports. When to use each of them? Would you please be kind enough to help me out? I d truly be grateful!

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56: Compare the fiscal regime for common law trusts in 8 continental European “onshore”jurisdictions. Analyse the consequences for settlors or beneficiaries domiciled in these countries.

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Among the most formidable of the obstacles which the new Constitution will have to encounter may readily be distinguished the obvious interest of a certain class of men in every State to resist all changes which may hazard a diminution of the power, emolument, and consequence of the offices they hold under the State establishments and the perverted ambition of another class of men, who will either hope to aggrandize themselves by the confusions of their country, or will flatter themselves with fairer prospects of elevation from the subdivision of the empire into several partial confederacies than from its union under one government.

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56:  Comment upon the requirements for minuting trustee meetings and the decisions taken with particular emphasis on the trustee’s duties in the supervision of agents. Reference to statute and case law should be included.

57:  To what extent is a British Virgin Islands will disposing of estate situated with the Territory necessary or advisable for persons not domiciled in the British Virgin Islands and having freedom of testamentary disposition? Describe the processes whereby a foreign representative of the deceased’s estate would obtain recognition in the Territory.

56: In managing trust assets the trustee may be responsible for the performance of a business originally owned and controlled by the settlor.  Argue in favour or against a trustee's decision to give control of the business and a management role in the underlying business to the settlor.  

56:  (a) You are instructed by a beneficiary of an estate (with lay executors). The deceased died 68 months ago. Your client’s understanding is that the administration of the estate has now been completed. He is, however, having difficulty in obtaining sufficient information for a sum of money that he has received, which purports to be the majority of the residue, and to find out the balance of the residuary estate.

56:  Under Re Hasting v Bass [6975] Ch 75, trustees were seen as being given a second bite of the cherry following mistakes they made. Consider and assess the impact of the recent Court of Appeal decision in Futter v Futter [7566] EWCA Civ 697 on ill-informed decisions taken by trustees which result in losses to the trust.

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