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Date of publication: 2017-09-06 00:05

To me it still looks like Scott deliberately avoided the proper scientific discourse and preferred going back to being an internet troll because he has lots of supporters here many of whom probably are not experts on the topic and barely have any understanding of what 8767 s going on.

Can you Treat Bipolar Disorder without Medication

There is room in this world for both 8775 can it compete on my problems 8776 and 8775 what is the fundamental nature of the thing 8776 type experiments. For reasons listed in #969 I don 8767 t think the Boixo et al. paper will be the last word on the latter question.

Aux quatre saisons

Yet More Updates (June 7): Alex Selby has a detailed new post summarizing his comparisons between the D-Wave device (as reported by McGeoch and Wang) and his own solver finding that his solver can handily outperform the device and speculating about the reasons why.

Selenium, Folate, and Colon Cancer - PubMed Central (PMC)

Regarding (A) Back in the 6955s and 6965s, there were plenty of prominent physicists who scathingly criticized path integral formalism on grounds that path integrals were not (in James 8767 phrase) 8775 mathematically identical to the Schrödinger (and Heisenberg) pictures of Quantum Mechanics 8776 :

The comparison with Tabu Search is more interesting, nonetheless. As Scott says, the D-WAVE guys spent a ridiculous amount of money to achieve a slight speedup, which I suspect is due to the heuristics implicit in D-WAVE construction. I wouldn 8767 t be surprised that tested on a different benchmark against a 8775 problem-agnostic 8776 or 8775 domain independent 8776 Tabu Search algorithm and spending another ton of cash to reconfigure the machine such advantage would vanish.

You are exactly right about Greg. Unlike Scott who is quite reasonable although sometimes over the top, Greg seems to have decided long time ago that D-Wave is nothing but trash. Nothing will change his mind, so you might as well try reasoning with a monkey.

Please someone help me i feel as if i will hurt someone or myself i have never been on medication and always refused a doctors care i refused to believe i had a problem. Ive tried to hurt myself several times and my rages have recently led to me wrecking a vehicle with myself and fiancée in the car. Im scared because it is getting worse i get so angry then i cant sleep and a slew of other issues. I put my symptoms in and this all came up but also said i may have bpd (borderline personality disorder) i dont want to hurt anyone and i really dont want to hurt myself someone anyone just give me some advice

There 8767 s been no devious trickery. Geordie Rose, CTO and co-founder of D-Wave, is and has always been a zealous advocate* of all of his company 8767 s endeavors. It 8767 s not hard to find things on the Internet where he 8767 s promoting these endeavors in ways that make many in QC academia cringe.

Dr. Sircus believes that transdermal applcation of magnesium chloride will always be more effective than any oral preparation of magnesium as it bypasses the digestive tract and all the problems that can occur there preventing good absorption of oral magnesium. With transdermal use of magnesium chloride you have you have more direct access to the bloodstream.

Me: It's OK, just see if you can be with it Simon, it's just your body releasing tension, just let it happen x57576 (pause) x57576 and what's that like now?

A therapist may also assign a certain diagnosis based on whether or not they actually like their patient! (I read an article addressing this issue in college and found it highly disturbing).

In retrospect, the QIST goals overestimated technical feasibility of error-corrected quantum computation, and (more importantly as it seems to me), underestimated the sustained pace of transformational advances in algorithms and simulation (both classical and quantum).