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When wearing uniforms, it is a struggle to be an individual. Teachers are always saying how important it is to just be ourselves and not worry about what others might think. Having a uniform takes that away from us, and this may lead students to try to find other ways to be different. They might begin to act out so they stick out from the crowd. Without uniforms we can show everyone who we are through our clothes. Opinions shouldn’t be based solely on clothing of course, but clothing is a fun and easy way to show who are. Being different is huge part of being in school and I think we should be able to have the privilege of wearing what we want. It can also give us more confidence.

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Confidence is a huge part of life especially for teens. Uniforms look different on everyone. Some people may feel they don’t look good in their school’s uniform. Because of this feeling, they worry all day long about what everyone else is thinking of them. Having confidence can be of great importance. Weather it’s a simple project presentation at school or a big job interview, confidence is key. While wearing uniforms, confidence is sometimes a hard thing to accomplish, but this isn’t the only distraction of wearing a uniform.

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However, forcing children to follow strict rules of behavior doesn 8767 t always yield positive results as discussed above, most of the time it backfires and works against society. For example, teenagers are more likely to do the opposite of what they 8767 re told to do simply because they want to be independent. Children should also have rights to exercise their free will and develop their own pattern of behaviors. Imposing strict rules may simply destroy the individuality of children.

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Mill's essay has been criticized for being overly vague about the limits of liberty, for placing too much of an emphasis on the individual, and for not making a useful distinction between actions that only harm oneself, and actions that harm others. That said, the essay does provide an impassioned defense of nonconformity as a positive good for society, and an equally impassioned reminder that no one can be completely sure that his or her way of life is the best or the only way to live.

Instead of having uniforms I believe we should just have simple guidelines as to what we can and can’t wear. Part of being in school is learning to become responsible. How is telling us exactly what to wear teaching us responsibility. We should be able to know how we can and cannot dress without having the privilege completely taken away. Following the guidelines would help to make us responsible because when we get ready to have a career, our clothing will most likely not be completely decided for us. We will have to follow guidelines for that particular company. Having guidelines for how we dress will also help teach us to follow simple directions. With different rules in place we can reclaim our individuality.

There have been changes in art such as classical sculptures which were not like archaic sculptures which were an attempt to portray humans warts rather it was an idealization of the human form.

At the end of the day, it is clear that children should be guided by rules, but these rules should not be imposed on them because as human beings, they need to have room to develop their own traits of character and adopt a behavioral pattern of their own.

In some countries children have very strict rules of behavior, in other countries they are allowed to do almost anything they like. To what extent should children have to follow rules?

7. Use transitional phrases. Words and phrases like first", "on the other hand," and "therefore" help the computer identify concepts between and within the paragraphs.

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