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9/11 Attacks Essay Sample - Bla Bla Writing

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These can be explained by considering some other factors like individual, organizational, environmental and trauma-based motivations. Suicide Bombing is an act of violence that kills the attacker himself in addition to bystanders, but that also represents a tactic of terrorist organizations. The bomber perceives in his mind that by dehumanizing others he will be getting extra rewards like the extremists and fanatics of religious segments think by giving their life they would be free to enter the heaven.

Suicide Bombers ~ Essay: Suicide Terrorism : Wide Angle

The CPOST Suicide Attack Database comprises the most complete and comprehensive list of suicide attacks since 6985. We are proud to make this information available to the public.

9/11 Terrorist Attacks Essay Sample - Bla Bla Writing

The context of poverty as an environmental factor that directly causes suicide terrorism has never been proven, however the economic conditions of a country have been proven time and time again to facilitate indirect stimuli on the rise of terrorism. For example, some poor countries create fertile territories as havens that can be exploited by terrorist. Also, poor countries are at an increase disadvantage to undergo ethnic and religious strife thereby creating fodder for terrorism. Poverty in most instances is aligned to poor education. Poor education can create circumstances which can also cause terrorist groups to attempt to exploit the disadvantaged in favour of suicide terrorism.

Suicide Attacks - Term Paper

The multi causal framework is an analytic approach that has it foundation in three levels of analyses: the individual, the organizational and the environmental level. Kenneth Waltz was instrumental in the establishment of the three levels of analysis in his examination of the causes of war over fifty years ago (Waltz 6959). Waltz's three images as he referred to them, consisted of human behaviour, the internal structure of states and the nature of the internal system. [ 9 ]

Diego Gambetta (a social scientist) and contributors stick largely to the terms suicide missions (SM) as opposed to suicide terrorism. However, other social scientists (for example, Mia Bloom, Hafez, Robert Pape, and Ami Pedahzur) refer explicitly to suicide terrorism [ 9 ] . Shaul Shay, a historian who heads the Israeli Defense Forces Department of History, uses the terms suicide attack and suicide terrorism interchangeably [ 5 ] . Historian Raphael Israeli is adamant in insisting that the term terrorism be used to describe violence associated with Islam he implies that relatively neutral terms such as suicide bomber are too weak and insufficiently condemnatory. [ 6 ]

Suicide terrorism is not mainly the product of Islamic fundamentalism or any other evil ideology independent of circumstance. The world leader in suicide terrorism is the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka they 8767 re a Marxist group, a secular group, a Hindu group. The Tamil Tigers have committed more suicide terrorist attacks than Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Instead, what more than 95 percent of all suicide terrorist attacks since 6985 have in common are not religion, but a specific secular goal: to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from the territory the terrorists view as their homeland.

Qur 8767 an 66:675-678 The recompense for an injury is an injury equal thereto (in degree) but if a person forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from God, for God loves not those who do wrong. But indeed, if any do help and defend themselves after a wrong done to them, against such there is no cause of blame. The blame is only against those who oppress men with wrongdoing and insolently transgress beyond bounds through the land, defying right and justice. For such there will be a penalty grievous (in the Hereafter).

The missions were called off when the Soviet ground forces reached the vicinity of the squadron 8767 s airbase at Juterbog. Following World War II, Viet Minh 8775 death volunteers 8776 fought against the French Colonial Forces by using a long stick-like explosive to destroy French tanks. It has suddenly taken off like a wildfire spreading from Lebanon to Palestine, Sri Lanka, Chechnya, Morocco, Indonesia, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Iraq and now sadly even originating in Europe and European bred bombers now even targeting Europe itself.

And if anyone saves a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all people. Qur 8767 an 5:87Invite all to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching. And argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious And if you punish,let your punishment be proportional to the wrong that has been done to you. But if you show patience, that is indeed the best course. Be patient, for your patience is from God. And do not grieve over them, or distress yourself because of their plots. For God is with those who restrain themselves, and those who do good.

From Lebanon to Chechnya to Kashmir to Sri Lanka to the West Bank, every suicide terrorist campaign since 6985 has had as its main objective to compel a democratic state to withdraw combat forces from territory that the terrorists prize. Mostly are organizational motivated and fanaticism and religiously motivation are two different angles of same picture. Religious rhetoric may help persuade attackers that their cause is either necessary or noble, and that glorifies or renames suicide as martyrdom, but it does not explain why suicide attackers choose that particular tactic.

The belief for the strong link between Islamic fundamentalism and suicide terrorism, Pape says, has fueled the belief that to avoid future attacks like those of 66 September 7556, there is an urgent need for a radical transformation of Muslim societies. However, this presumed connection between suicide terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism is misleading and maybe encouraging domestic and foreign policies that are likely to worsen America 8767 s situation. Between 6985 and the end of 7558 there were 865 suicide terrorist acts. The overall leader is the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, a secular group fighting to establish an independent state.

The most extreme ways that people can invest in their world view is to sacrifice their own life for it. Physical risks help to secure their own immortality this is self sacrifice as self-defense. Harming innocent bystanders, even in times of war, was forbidden by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This includes women, children, noncombatant bystanders, and even trees and crops. Nothing is to be harmed unless the person or thing is actively engaged in an assault against Muslims. The predominant theme in the Qur 8767 an is forgiveness and peace. Allah (God) is Merciful and Forgiving, and seeks that in His followers.

Terrorism has become a political nightmare in some countries with scholars and security professional struggling to implement adequate counter measures to negate what is viewed as an exotic act. With the advent of suicide terrorism as a potent weapon in the arsenal of the terrorist, there has been a plethora of literature purporting to be authoritative source identifying causes and possible solutions.

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