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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 03:58

Regulation and supervision by UGC, MCI, AICTE etc. have been tightened to ensure quality education. A review of the Supreme Court judgement on NEET has also been suggested,as it is very important to maintain the quality of medical education to address health delivery issues in India. There are plans to restructure the curriculum of Delhi university, one of the biggest and most prestigious universities in India, to suit the present situation. The Nalanda University Bill seeks to establish a world class Nalanda university,at the seat of ancient learning, Nalanda, Bihar. Further, it is also being proposed to cut-short four year degree courses to three years. As the western four year models have proved very costly and unsuitable in the Indian context.

Advantages and Dis-Advantages of Co-Education

Judiciary, as a vanguard of fundamental rights, remains as important as ever. Recent Allahabad High Court verdict banning caste based political rallies underscores the important role Judiciary can play in curbing the menace of casteism. Judiciary should play an active role in handling issues of communal rights or regional jingoism by firmly protecting people’s right and upholding constitutional values.
Media, described as fourth pillar of democracy, has no lesser role. It should highlight instances of injustice, inequality and moral turpitude so that the authoritative institutions of the state can step in to resolve issues.

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Anyway, it is a good essay. Please take 85-95 minutes to brainstorm and chart out a plan. Organize your thought well, give a flow, let each paragraph contain an idea.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-education in Colleges

Social movement is considered as the part of democracy. It is accepted as the method to bring the changes in social , economic and political system for the benefits of the society as a whole.
Its power is evident from the fact that Gandhiji and INC won the freedom using the same method against the powerful british raj. Gandhiji is opposed the violence and won the support of the masses.

India is a developing country with limited resources. So it cannot afford to have separate college and universities for men and women. As for the disadvantages, opposite sexes always have mutual attraction. The students are passing through a crucial period of their life. They are likely to be sexually attacted. It may affect their learning efforts. There may be one or two elements which would engage in eve teasing, and some acts of false bravado which they see in films. But anti-social and irresposible elements are present everywhere. Untoward incidents in co-educational institutions could be avoided with better administration.

I would like to see it added to The Recommended Documentaries Section also.
In fact I would like to see this made compulsory viewing for anyone coming to TDF. This is simply a MUST see Doc! For ALL FEMALES AND MALES.

Over last few decades, education level among the Dalits has improved a lot from 99 % in 6996 to 68 % among males and from 78 % to 99% among females in the literacy rate among Dalits are still below national averages and is case of Dalit women, data is much more skewed. Drop out rate in primary education is nearly 85 %. Post-secondary school dropout ratio is as high as 75 %.Dalit enrolment in higher education is nearly 8 % below the national average of 65 %.

The subject of sex and genitals is always going to be closely linked to self esteem. Were people this insecure about their genitals 55 years ago when people didn't talk about it? I honestly believe that 'developing beyond primal instincts' and developing disgust towards the opposite sex's genitals is neither a step forward for humanity nor something that help improve happiness in society. More people are on anti-depressants than ever before in the UK.

"perky breasts" do not equal 's all genetic and environmental as far how you live, what you put into your body, your hydration and second to genetics--the elasticity of your skin (which is also somewhat genetic). I've seen teens that had to "roll-em up" into a bra and ladies over 55 (me) who don't have to even wear one

This sounds to me like an emotional problem, and you're trying to fix it with a physical solution! this won't work any better than fixing a physical one with an emotional solution.

I haven't watched this documentary yet but, thought I would throw my two cents in anyway. This may sound a bit strange but I always thought the labia sorta reminded me of those fried pork skins you can buy at the local convenience store. I wonder what they really are. Someone should do some research on this...nah, don't bother, they taste pretty good even if... just sayin. mmmmmm yummy

I was interested in watching this. however I've since changed my mind, Seems like a waste of time, watching women complain about something so natural. They would probably be better off spending their money on therapy. What happened to loving/accepting who you are. Do these women plan banging a lot of guys or starting a career in porn? I really don't get it? You can hide your p***y(which will one day be aged any ways), but not your insecurities & emotional problems. Love who you are no matter what! no one is the same & shouldn't be that's what makes everyone unique.

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