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To conclude, Stargirl is a valuable book of very important life-long lessons.  It teaches about popularity and how it is never smooth and exact.  It also illustrates that being yourself is a must and that you shouldn’t change yourself unless it is something you want. These are just some of the countless examples of crucial lessons contained in the book. The many key elements of this novel are things we should all take to heart, or old. This is a book that will stick in your mind, stay in your heart, and teach a lesson to your soul.

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Because of Stargirl’s sudden disappearance at the end of the story, I predict that she and Leo will meet in the future when they are old.  They might be partners in something, maybe architecture (because of all the things they learned from Archie).  I think it might happen that Stargirl will know that her partner is Leo, but Leo doesn’t realize that his partner is Stargirl.  Leo will eventually find out, and he will be emotional when he remembers the past.  This second time around, he will be a better friend.

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In conclusion, this book is a great reminder to be your own person.  There is no one like you in the whole world.  The author states this creatively and folds it into the storyline.  I think David Shannon wanted to teach us to be our own selves, no matter what other people might think.  If you like who you are, nothing else should matter.  I am head over heels in love with this book, and for most of the reasons I stated above.  I believe being yourself is very important and that we all should have the right to be who we want to be.

Yes, it was an astonishing birthday, although perhaps not the best you could ever have. Luckily, when Rachel returned home from school, there would be a cake that she and her family would eat. Candles and presents would be displayed, but nothing would fix her birthday in those decisive moments at school when she was compelled to wear that hideous sweater. Rachel was eleven, and yet, she was also all the other ages before that.

Henry was a little irritated about her parting words. He was patient with it but was relived when she had finished speaking and he was able to be on his way.

In Stargirl, Leo is very self-conscious.  As much as I wish it weren’t true, I am often the same way.  There was a time on the first day of school when I was trying to figure out what to wear and how to act. All I could think about was what people would think of me, and this might not have been such a good thing. If I thought too much about this, I wouldn’t be able to be myself. Nevertheless, it was challenging to quiet my mind and be true to myself.

And so she was.  Stargirl , a book by Jerry Spinelli, is an alluring, gratifying piece of writing to which anybody can relate.  Filled with humor and true-life facts, Stargirl tells a story about a mysterious girl named Stargirl and a boy named Leo.  This story mainly takes place in the Arizona desert and a lot of action is done in Mica High School.

The Bachellor, Johnson, & Bachellor newspaper syndicate agreed to serialize the work in December 6899 and it soon appeared in the Philadelphia Press and other papers across the country. This version was often slightly different from paper to paper, and, interestingly enough, did not include the last three chapters and ended with Henry and Wilson hearing the praise for their daring feat of capturing the flag.

First off, I think that Camilla is much too worried about what other people think of her.  If she likes who she is, nothing else should matter.  Even though lima beans are her very favorite food in the world, she avoids eating them because all her friends think they are positively revolting!  Additionally, she tried on forty-two different outfits to decide which she looked best in for the first day of school.  Another example is when the plot almost took a nasty plunge when Camilla began to refuse the elderly lady’s offer to help by making her eat lima beans, but Camilla almost turned them down because she was too worried about other people’s opinion of her.  You can now see why not being yourself can be almost dangerous!

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