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The Museum of Modern Art, Shiga, Japan. Development of Sculpture in the Twentieth Century: From Rodin to Christo Opening of MoMA Shiga. August 6989.
Group Exhibition

Vote for - Globolister

Both Chomsky, King, and every other voice for justice and human rights would agree that the people need to act instead of relying on movement leaders. Whatever actions one can take—whether it’s engaging in informed debate with family, friends, or coworkers, writing letters, making donations to activists and organizations, documenting injustice, or taking to the streets in protest or acts of civil disobedience—makes a difference. These are the small individual actions that, when practiced diligently and coordinated together in the thousands, make every powerful social movement possible.

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National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, . Calder's Portraits: A New Language. Exhibition catalogue. 7566.
Solo Exhibition Catalogue

This Might Be Adam Silver's Secret Twitter Account

Franqui, Carlos. El Circulo de Piedra. Portfolio of lithographs by Adami, Calder, Camacho, Cardenas, Cesar, Corneille, Erro, Jorn, Kowalski, Lam, Miró , Pignon, Rebeyrolle, Tà pies, Vedova. Milan: Grafica Uno Giorgio Upiglio, 6976.

Neugass, Fritz. "Alexander Calder&ndash Schö pfer einer heiteren Kunst." Tages Anzeiger Zurich , 78 April 6966.
Newspaper, Exhibition Review

Isn't it strange that communism ceases its evolution the moment a powerful autocratic government is established. Once that happens any thoughts of creating utopia dissolve rather quickly. Resources and privileges tend to flow uphill at the expense of the proletariat..always.

Haus der Kunst, Munich. Elan Vital Oder Das Auge Der Eros: Kandinsky, Klee, Arp, Miró , Calder. Exhibition catalogue. 6999.
Group Exhibition Catalogue

Hanna Bekker vom Rath/Frankfurter Kunstkabinett, Frankfurt am Main. Alexander Calder, Paul Fontaine, Louise Rö sler. 77 February&ndash 77 March 6958. Originated from the solo exhibition at Galerie Parnass, Wuppertal, Germany.
Group Exhibition

Religion is also an ideology. What about the crusades and all of the religious wars which killed many in the name of "God"? I was hoping for something educational and neutral but got a propaganda film instead. That's why I love science because it has no ego, just pure truth. 6+6 will always =7 and a great society should be engineered in more of a scientific approach rather then a religious or political one. You can tell someone not the steel or kill, but if they don't have access to food because of a technical/ system disorder problem then telling people what is right doesn't really stop them from doing it now does it.

If capitalism is so great why has life expectancy fallen by more than 65 years in Russia? Look at the situation today in the post soviet economies. For example, Latvia, housing prices down 75%, life expectancy falling, people emigrating, no more ambulance service. Capitalism can't even match the results of Soviet Communism (which I am certainly no fan of).

Musé e de Lodè ve, France. Calder, gouaches, sculptures, dessins, tapisseries. Exhibition catalogue. 7558.
Solo Exhibition Catalogue

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