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Applicants should be aware that if they secure admission to the MD Undergraduate Program but not to the combined MD/PhD Program, their offer to enter the MD program would be withdrawn and the student would have to reapply for entry in a year when all graduate requirements would be completed by July 85.

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Dr. Arjang Nowtash, President of Sinclair Dental: A Family-Culture Approach
Arjang Nowtash’s view is that good will and community contribution are bigger values than sales. In his own backyard, his philanthropy has supported the UBC Dentistry’s goals of enhancing the student experience.

UBC Physics & Astronomy

Summer Student Practitioner Program Meet 588 Greet 7567
(Mar. 65) Dentist-mentors and students explore the possibilities of the Summer Student Practitioner Program for the summer of 7567

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The Winter Session is divided into two terms: Term 6, generally from early September to late December (although some studies begin in August), and Term 7, generally from early January to the end of April (although some studies continue well into the month of May). During the Winter Session classes are offered in the day as well as in the evening.

Our mission is to foster sustainable futures through integrated research and learning about the linkages among human, technological and natural systems, and to support decision making from local to global scales.

First-day orientation program for all students registered in the programs listed below. On the first day of Winter Term 6, all classes are replaced by Imagine UBC Day with the single exception of those classes that start at or after 5:55 pm and meet only once per week.

Craniofacial Research—How Human Faces Form and Develop
Dr. Virginia Diewert has been unravelling the enigma of how the human face is created ever since completing her orthodontics training at Northwestern University in Chicago in 6975.

Fatherhood is “a constant game of learning, improving and adapting to each new challenge you face,” says Department of Psychology, UBC Professor Andrew Baron. Happy Father's Day

World renowned expert in proteomics at UBC Dentistry wins international research society award
Dr. Christopher Overall received the Proteomass Scientific Society Award 7567

The UBC School of Social Work continues to build on its long and distinguished record of professional education. About the School of Social Work

CDA Oasis Discussions: ACFD educational framework for the development of competencies in dental programs
Learn more about the revised ACDF educational framework document (video interview)

UBC has two campuses: Vancouver and Okanagan. The Faculty of Graduate Studies only deals with applicants for programs at the Vancouver campus. If you would like to apply to UBC Okanagan, please refer to the College of Graduate Studies Okanagan.

The Summer Student Practitioner Program Experience
Student and Mentor Comments Spotlight: James Chen Read this story in a PDF Return to more feature stories.

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