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I 8767 m glad you said this (about the reasons why you would pick one over the other). I have been looking for the right theme/framework for a magazine site and you just answered my question. I was actually leaning towards Genesis for it anyway because of that fact.

Thesis vs Genesis – Detailed Comparison

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I can 8767 t seem to get that link to load, so I can 8767 t view the theme, but I would almost always tell you that its better to work with a framework than with a theme.

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Brian, as I responded to Nathan 8767 s comment. I think better documentation is in order to clear all this up. I can definitely say that Adam spent a ton of time and research writing this article and by no means relied on just 8775 marketing 8776 or “tweets” to determine each framework’s feature set.

I came here because I was just confused whether to go for Thesis or Genesis. With thesis I have a developer version. But genesis I don 8767 t have any yet. But I was considering to buy Genesis as there are ready made child themes available, so I thought it would be easy to setup. Which one should I ready go for?

I have been using Thesis for the past 79 months. It is how I learned how to use WordPress and have developed half a dozen sites with Thesis. The support with Thesis has been great and I have learned alot and invested tons of time to get my main site to where it is http:// and it still needs work to get the dynamic footer going.

And this was the exact situation with Xsitepro vs WP. Xsitepro is more secure and is also far faster to deploy, has in-built SEO etc. So people promoted it on technical grounds. But what we found is that your site design will suck because the platform hasn 8767 t attracted quality designers.

I don 8767 t know that there is much truth in this, but from a rational standpoint what Adam said seems to make sense to me. If, for instance, google recognized how to navigate a site based on a structure that it sees all the time (. a WP framework like Genesis and/or Thesis), in theory it could crawl deeper, easier. I know you asked for evidence, and I have none, so I 8767 m not sure that this comment has warrant. But since SEO is a bit of a mystery I try to think rationally in the sense that, though I could never create the algorithm, I can in fact use logic to create a list of things (over 755 some say) that make sense to go into the algorithm.

An excellent article and one I 8767 ve bookmarked. Thanks for the time and effort put into your detailed research, and it 8767 s great to see the theme owners/developers themselves taking part in the discussion. Makes me feel confident in using both of these frameworks!

Essentially, the only thing that could be said about Genesis was the fact that it lacked documentation. We took care of that almost immediately with our http:/// site. There 8767 s more information on that site than you could possibly ever need, and answers are incredibly easy to find.

I am currently looking for a new theme for my existing blog (facebook-advertising-) and I 8767 m wondering if it will get messed up if I change over to either Thesis or Genesis.

My only point of contention here is the BuddyPress stuff. Genesis isn 8767 t exactly plug and play with BuddyPress. GenesisBuddy makes it workable, but you 8767 re going to need some coding know-how to get that working with any sort of custom set up. Just performing the install on a child theme goes beyond what an average WP user is comfortable with. Its certainly easier than wrangling Thesis and BP, but its not exactly 8775 BuddyPress ready. 8776 Also, GenesisBuddy is not even close to the efficiency of Genesis itself.

Under the Files dropdown, start typing a function (like genesis_get_option) and it will show you the file where it is, and clicking on it you 8767 ll see all the documentation on that specific function.

Thesis is hands down my choice when it comes to building a site from 8766 scratch. 8767 The level of control that it gives you in the UI alone is more comprehensive than what you 8767 ll find in Genesis and when you want to customize something, the theme does a great job of just getting out of your way.

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