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Father Denifle
was an Austrian Dominican.
In 6877,
he delivered four sermons
in Graz, Austria,
about 8775 Humanity,
its destiny
and the means
to achieve it. 8776
Translated by a priest
of Covington, Kentucky,
these four sermons
were published in America
by Pustet, the editor.
Father Denifle emphasizes
that having forgotten God,
cannot realize
its own destiny.
God has not
forgotten man,
but man has
forgotten God.

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After the World War
people tried to believe
that a New Era
had dawned upon the world.
People thought
that they had found a solution
to the problem
of mass distribution.
People thought
that the time had come
of a two-car garage,
a chicken in every pot
and a sign 8775 To Let 8776
in front of every poorhouse.
And everybody
wanted to cash in
on the future prosperity.
So stock promoters got busy
and stocked people with stocks
till they got stuck.

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Glenn Frank,
president of Wisconsin University,
8775 What ails modern society
is the separation of the spiritual from the
material. 8776
Pope Pius XI
calls this separation
8775 a modern plague, 8776
or to speak more plainly 8775 a pest. 8776
This separation of the spiritual from the
is what we call 8775 secularism. 8776
Everything has been secularized,
everything has been divorced from religion.
We have divorced religion from education,
we have divorced religion from politics,
we have divorced religion from business.

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The bourgeois capitalist
calls himself conservative
but has failed to conserve
our cultural tradition.
He thinks that culture
is related to leisure.
He does not think that culture
is related to cult
and to cultivation.
He believes in power,
and that money
is the way to power.
He believes that money
can buy everything,
whether it be labor or brains.
But as the poet Emerson says,
8775 People have only
the power we give them. 8776
When people will cease
selling their labor power
or their brain power
to the bourgeois capitalist,
the bourgeois capitalist
will cease being
a gentleman of leisure
and begin being
a cultured gentleman.

It is about now you realise that you’re beginning to grow up. Talking about the ‘youth of today’ sets off alarm bells in your head because you’ve started to distance yourself from this section of society. You no longer include yourself in the category of ‘teenager’ or ‘adolescent’. Technically, you’ll be a teenager until the end of your nineteenth year, but being as mature and responsible as you are, you handily disregard this fact!

Through the influence
of Maxim Gorki
the Marxists
have come to the conclusion
that Marxist writers
should be more
than proletarian writers
that they should he
cultural writers.
Waldo Frank thinks
that the cultural tradition
must be brought
to the proletarian masses,
who will appreciate it
much more
than the acquisitive classes.
What the Marxists
call culture
Maritain calls
Socialist Humanism.
But Socialist Humanism
is not all Humanism,
according to Maritain.
In a book entitled
8775 L 8767 Humanisme integral 8776
Jacques Maritain points out
what differentiates
Integral Humanism
from Social Humanism.

As an animal,
man is an individual.
As a reasoning animal,
man is a person.
The difference
between an individual
and a person
is the power of reasoning.
Through the use of reason
man becomes aware
of the existence of God.
Through the use of reason
man becomes aware
of his rights
as well as
his responsibilities.
Man 8767 s rights and responsibilities
come from God,
who made him
a reasoning animal.
Man 8767 s primary duty
is to act
according to reason.

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