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* If you have a blue or yellow card you made visits to the public library to check out books, borrowed or bought books from elsewhere, or had a habit of reading regularly as a child—take two steps forward.

Take a Step: Illustration of Advantages, Disadvantages and

* If you have a yellow card your family owned a car when you were growing up—take one step forward. If you have a blue card your family owned two or more cars simultaneously—take two steps forward. If you have a red card your family didn't own a car and you were dependent on public transportation or rides from others—take a step back.

Dual Nationality: The advantages and disadvantages

If you have a blue card you grew up speaking English as your first language—take two steps forward. If you have a yellow card you grew up speaking English as a second language, but eventually learned English well—take one step forward. If you have a red card you never really learned English until you were an adult—take one step backwards.

Although five states are already legally allowing this practice, PAS has remained to be a contentious issue between proponents and opponents. While there are people who support this, there are medical doctors and private citizens who are against its legalization. Here is a look at some of the ethical and legal arguments presented by opposing groups.

* If you have a red card you grew up in a poor community where industrial pollution from factories or chemical plants caused sickness or disease in your community—take one step back.

8. It can urge other people to do the same.
Euthanasia, like suicide has a psychological effect on people and society. According to experts, people with family members who have committed suicide are prone to doing the same and this also goes with the act of mercy killing. If society will accept it as a normal practice, it can influence more people to consider euthanasia. This can be bad especially if the sickness was wrongly diagnosed but the patient was already euthanized.

If you have a red card and are standing to the right of the middle line, the community where you grew up experienced severe drought which limited your access to food, or flooding which destroyed homes—take a step back.

A British citizen with dual nationality status enjoys the same rights and privileges as all citizens of UK This includes the right to reside in UK permanently, including the right to leave and re-enter the country at any time.

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