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Wodehouse was particularly fond of this story, which gets a mention in many of the books, including Ring for Jeeves ch 68 (and the earlier play, Come On, Jeeves , Act III) Much Obliged, Jeeves ch 8 The Code of the Woosters Cocktail Time ch 7 and Uncle Dynamite ch 66.

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W S Gilbert wrote a play, "The Princess", based on Tennyson's poem and this later became the basis for the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta "Princess Ida".


As the text of The Clicking of Cuthbert is freely available from Project Gutenberg and Blackmask, I have included a copy on this site, with hyperlinked cross-references to these annotations. I have also marked up this text to show all differences between the US and English editions.

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While hiding in the garden, he sees Juliet on a balcony and overhears her declare that she loves him.
How do we know that she is ignorant of Romeo’s presence?
What does Juliet regret about Romeo?

During the Middle Ages, Satan was often depicted as a goat, with cloven feet (an image carried over from the Greek god, Pan). Hence to "show the cloven foot (or hoof)" is to exhibit wicked intentions.

Mercutio 8767 s tendency to reduce love to male sexual aggression does nothing to reassure Romeo, 8775 if love be rough with you, be rough with love/Price love for pricking, and you beat love down 8776 .

The phrase summum bonum (Latin: the greatest good) was used by Cicero in his philosophical treatise De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum , in which he expounded for his Roman readers the beliefs of the ancient philosophers regarding the ultimate goal of human life.

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A costermonger (from 'costard', a large apple) was a seller of apples and other fruit, later applied to somebody selling fruit and other wares, usually from a street-barrow. Although still to be found at fixed markets, they no longer roam the streets, shouting their wares in a loud voice, and the term itself is now rarely used, having been largely superseded by 'greengrocer'.

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