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Rene Girard's Theory of Violence, Religion and the Scapegoat

Date of publication: 2017-08-28 00:05

YES - Aboriginal cannibalism was an across the board custom. 8775 Revenge 8776 was an extremely in built cultural tradition known as 8775 pay back 8776 - perhaps why so many jews like to head on out to the Missions in the desert - they have found a nomadic people like their fantasy religious ancestors who they share nothing with genetically.

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Nor have I left anyone in doubt that this time millions of European children of Aryan descent will starve to death, millions of men will die in battle, and hundreds of thousands of women and children will be burned or bombed to death in our cities without the true culprits being held to account, albeit more humanely.

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I wish none of you ill will on any level but if you dont cease you 8767 re girlish, pretty pink knicker debate style and insist on blaming everyone but the 8775 neo-modernistic pagan revolutionary front for the freedom of gay whales 8776 as being central to this conspiracy I am going to batter the lot of you until the love of Christ fills your heart and common sense fills your head.

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This is exactly how the economic miracle of Germany was produced starting in 6988, when Germans were still starving due to our rapacious and sadistic program of “reparations payments to the victors” of World War I.

I am not Jewish,and I came here for info for a school project, and I learned soooo much. It is so horrifying to think about what all of those people went thru, and cannot believe what kind of a sick person would create such a mass genocide. to all of the survivors of the Holocaust~ u r all so amazing i m so srry for ur family. i just lost my grandfather. i kno thats not anything close to the things u saw and survived, but now i kno how heartbroken u feel when someone is gone so ur all soooooo strong!!!!! keep living ur life soo everyone can make sure the Holocaust will NEVER happen again and to defy prejudice!!!!!!!!!!!!!, cuz those people r just NOT worth it
:)love morgan

Which is why he also made sodomy an abomination (in that no children are born of such unions, no carrying on of the 8766 family name 8767 ) as well as forbidding for 8766 ten generations 8767 (roughly 955 years) any miscegenation/mamzerism.

The rental for such dwellings could not legally exceed a modest share of the farmer 8767 s income. This unprecedented endowment of land and housing was only one feature of a revolution that soon dramatically improved the living standards of the Reich 8767 s rural population.

But how interesting, the system gives us loopholes! They wanted to create a means of globalizing our soul but gave us our most powerful weapon instead: the INTERNET.

Other related reports surfaced regarding 75,555 Ukrainian children who had been brought to Israel over the past two years to be used by Israeli medical centers for their “spare parts.”

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