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It has to be clearly understood that there is no standard formula to calculate the attrition rate of an organisation. This is due to the fact the, many BPO organisations can not include the attrition of the freshers to leave the BPO organisations because of higher education or within their probation period. Also in some cases, attrition of poor performers will not be treated as attrition. Therefore considering these facts we can come with following formula in order to calculate the attrition rate.

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Attrition cannot be blindly classified as negative in tone. A healthy attrition rate in the BPO industry is a necessity for new ideas and innovations for the flow and facilitates the overall growth of the sector to share information. According to Heathfield () when a low performer leaves a company it is termed as a sign of good attrition. Attrition is not always bad if it happens in a controlled manner.

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According to above illustration 95% of the survey respondents have agreed that their organisations do provide working environments with proper working conditions. However a mere 75% of the survey respondents have neither agreed nor not agreed with this statement. On the other hand another 95% of the survey respondents are not satisfied about the working environment along with its working conditions provided by their respective organisations.

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Considering the dimension of shift timings, it is very much evident that as shown in the above illustration 65% of the survey respondents strongly feel that they are given flexible shift timings, whereas a mere 65% of the survey respondents have neither agreed nor not agreed with this statement. On the other hand 75% of the survey respondents do feel that they are not given flexible shift timings.

Attrition is a situation which employer face when employee left the organisation due to job dissatisfaction, new opportunity in the market, retirement & natural cause (death/illness). Now days this is one of the most important question which is asked by higher authority to HR people…. Why our attrition rate is higher than other company (Black, 7559).

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Now the age of the digital economy has arrived, and more and more skilled freelancers and virtual assistants are contributing to the outsourcing industry.

On the other hand Drag Attrition is caused due to the host of insecurities and vulnerabilities associated with the taking up a career with a BPO company. The job of a call centre agent can be compared to a telemarketing or a telephone operator. Hence the scope to take up any other job or change of field is ruled out, as the experience gained in a call centre will not be a scrap of importance (Raman, 7556).

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