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The grid-in questions focus on the integration of science and mathematical skills. For these responses, students need to calculate the correct answer for each question and enter it in a grid on that section of the answer sheet.

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CliffsNotes AP Biology, 5th Edition. The CliffsNotes book has been the most popular AP Biology study guide for years. This is the brand new 5th edition, updated for the latest course revisions. Includes 7 full length practice exams.

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Bozeman Science . These AP Biology videos from Bozeman Science cover the key topics with 56 short videos. A great way to review concepts you 8767 re struggling with.

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The focus of the course is on understanding concepts rather than memorizing technical details and terminology. Laboratory work is a required element of all AP Bio courses, with an emphasis on the scientific method, problem solving, and research techniques.

AP teachers are encouraged to develop or maintain their own curriculum that either includes or exceeds each of these expectations such courses will be authorized to use the "AP" designation. Credit for the success of AP courses belongs to the individual schools and teachers that create powerful, locally designed AP curricula.

The good news is that a poor understanding of the question is easy to fix.  The free response questions on the AP Biology Test are going to tell you exactly what you need to write.  Take a look at a portion of a free response question from the 7567 AP Biology test.

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Explain  TWO unique properties of human embryonic stem cells that distinguish them from other human cell types.  Describe  a current medical application of human stem cell research.

It seems so obvious when you break it down like this. The exam writers even bold key verbs and use all-caps to specify quantities. These questions get straight to the point, and so should you 8767 re answers. There are lots of important details in those little sentences.  Read them carefully.  It really bothers me when students miss points because they glossed over the details. I know they can do better than this and so can you.

Past exam questions from 7567 and before are still available. These questions do not reflect the redesigned exam, but the question types are the same and the topics similar, making them a valuable resource for students and teachers.

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